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I find myself using the Blender Film Look feature quite a bit in my recent work (see screenshot – Scene tab, then open up the Color Management section. In there, click the “Film” button, then you’ll see a drop-down menu labeled “Look” at the bottom of the Color Management window).

I was curious to see how each of the different looks would affect my renders, so I used the command line rendering feature and set up my file to render out the same image multiple times with a different film look each time.

Now, I just open Adobe Bridge and check the renders to choose an appropriate look for my current project.

Then I thought other people might find this useful if they use the Film Look in their own work, so I made a pdf and a hi-res png file of my renders available for download as a handy chart. You can get them both at the links below:

BlenderFilmLooks_2014.pdf (3.4mb)

BlenderFilmLooks_2014.png (300ppi 10.6mb)

I used Ambient Occlusion to a factor of 1, and film exposure was set to .5 with Gamma of 1. This doesn’t matter all too much, though. What you really get from the comparison is the general feel each particular look will lend to your render.

I hope this helps people, and let me know if you have any questions.

Blender 3D Film Looks 2014

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