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I'm John Garrett (or you can call me JG), and I'm just a guy who likes to make cool artwork with 3D (and other) programs. Blender, Daz Studio, Photoshop and Illustrator are my main apps, but I'm always looking to expand my toolset.

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  1. Alain Schmit
    Alain Schmit at |

    as a quick and dirty fix I modified the mcjTeleblender.dsa script so that it creates as well as the .bat file a .command file to start blender with the exported scene.

    1st you have to give the correct path to the “blender.app” you will use, the the rest is like before.
    In the export folder you’ll find a yourscenename.command file that you can double-click to start blender. (it’s just a text file so you can edit…)
    chmod 755 yourscenename.command – then the double-click should work.

    here is the link to the file “as is” https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2O-T5Xeyj1leG9rZzJDQ1BQeVU/edit?usp=sharing

  2. tim
    tim at |

    Hey thanks for the great info on your site. It really helped me out. I had one problem with the eyes that where turned to emission but I could figure out this mine self. But what I can’t figure out is that the hair of mine character (or avatar how some people call it) if very glossy.

    Mine question is do you know how to fix this?

    1. tim
      tim at |

      Fixed It already.


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